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About the Institute for Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion

Our Vision

We imagine inclusive and equitable societies where all people can live, learn, work and thrive—together!


Our Mission

To strengthen individual and organizational capability for creating diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces.

What we do

We guide people and organizations in transforming and sustaining inclusive cultures, behaviors, systems, and practices.

How we do it

Public Education: Through the annual NW Diversity Learning Series, ISDI provides relevant, thought- provoking and cost-effective bi-monthly workshops on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). Originally programmed for the Pacific Northwest, the NWDLS is now available virtually to employees and managers anywhere. The NW Diversity Learning Series has been operating non-stop for 24 years. Learn more about this year’s Series.


ISDI also provides special event programs on important topics for the broader community featuring new authors, unique thought leaders, and exciting change agents.

Consulting Services: We work with leaders to develop their commitment to DEI and the viable ways they can execute that commitment. We follow a leadership-led philosophy for organizational change because we believe that leaders must set the expectations and hold people accountable for achieving sustainable results throughout their organizations. We also support action team practices that contribute to building change frameworks. ISDI’s Consultants are highly trained, use world-class, global DEI standards, and have many years of experience with a wide variety of clients. As DEI become more integrated into standard business practices and metrics, companies, businesses, and organizations have a vested interest in becoming competent in DEI and creating environments that work for all. Learn more about our consulting services. 

Collaborative relationships are pivotal to our work. Engagement with our community of employers and dedicated professionals generate provocative approaches to tackling workplace inequities. Learn more about the benefits of Sponsorship and our collaborative groups.

Why we do it

We believe that all people deserve a fair shot at realizing their potential in whatever work they choose to do. To that end, ISDI examines and proposes solutions to the biases and barriers inherent in organizational cultures, behaviors, systems, and practices.



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Learn more about our work in our Annual Report


All Hands In


We work together in a way that values everyone’s contributions.

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We treat each other with dignity, fairness, and respect.

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We value flexibility and explore options in all we do.

Curious Child


We ask questions and dig into the details

World Peace


We affirm each other’s fundamental importance with compassion, empathy, and a generous spirit.

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