Meet the ISDI Team:


Nicolette Graham - Strategic Project Manager

Nicolette Graham is ISDI’s Strategic Project Manager. Prior to her current role, she has worked primarily in HR for 16 years with the last 4 years running and implementing D&I programs for SAP Concur.

In her role as a D&I program specialist, she provided strategic input and support to the D&I Director while owning and implementing key programs like SAP’s award winning Autism at Work program and producing 5 successful hires within the first 18th month of implementation, was instrumental in launching 5 Employee Resource Groups (ERG) at the Bellevue HQ within a year, successfully implemented and ran all operations for the Ada Developers Academy internship resulting in a 75% conversion to full time roles as well as designing and producing a communication campaign for Diversity Awareness Months that was published across various communication channels reaching a global audience across the company.

Before immigrating to the United States in 2010, Nicolette spent her early career in India and the Middle East where working in culturally diverse environments provided an amazing mosaic of culture, language and perspectives but it also opened her eyes to the social and economic classism that exist on a global level. As an Anglo-Indian, a micro minority community of people with mixed ancestry of British and India, she was experienced firsthand what it means to feel like the “other” at both home and the places she has worked at fueling her innate need for justice and fairness for those who are least visible or heard. 


Nicolette believes in empowering people and leaders through coaching, connection and creating programs that can influence change and make an organization inclusive and equitable at a grassroot level.

When not at work, She is enjoys spending time with her husband Daniel and their two kids, Ewan 3 and Vivian 1. She is currently learning to sharpen her photography and food presentation skills so as to create a portfolio of all the food she and her mom create with the goal of starting a small food deliver business.

Julie Reimer - NWDLS Series Manager

Julie Reimer has enjoyed nearly 30 years of a scientific career in which she had the opportunity to experience a broad range of work and cultural environments.  These experiences, including working in traditionally male-dominated environments, focused primarily on technical achievement, however, they provided insights and perspectives that fueled her passion for coaching, teaching and mentoring others for successful careers and living life fully.  In her role as a scientist and a leader for Women in Action, an employee driven business network for women at the Weyerhaeuser Company, she coached and mentored others to reach higher and “not settle” for being comfortable in their careers.  Throughout her career, Julie experienced the effects of a lack of focused and strategic employee development on the level of individual engagement.  This is what fuels her interest and passion for creating inclusive environments not just for women, but for everyone.


Her first experience with the NW Diversity Learning Series (NWDLS) was while working at Weyerhaeuser with the support of Effenus Henderson, then chief diversity officer for the company.  It was also when she met Barbara Deane, founder of the NWDLS, who facilitated an amazing women’s leadership panel for Women in Action called “Developing Women Leaders at Weyerhaeuser” in April 2004.  It was a pivotal point in the growth and acceptance of employee business networks in the company.


After leaving Weyerhaeuser, Julie continued her support of the NWDLS as a volunteer.  She was delighted when the opportunity to work with Effenus and Barbara again arose as they became Co-Directors and formed the Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion (ISDI).  Julie is thrilled to further her passion for creating inclusive environments by utilizing her years of project management skills in the evolving future of ISDI and the coordination of the NWDLS sessions.  She wears many hats for the organization and couldn’t be more pleased in doing so.


When not at work, Julie enjoys a variety of activities that range from hiking, running, softball and walking and creating natural bird houses and gardening.  She taught herself how to set up a WordPress blog to share the recipes from her mom in an attempt to recreate the flavors and memories of her youth and the stories behind them.  Julie is married to Diane, also an outdoor enthusiast, and together they are always planning their next big adventure!

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