Annual Report:

A review and reflection of the sessions and events for the

NW Diversity Learning Series and

The Institute for Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion

2018 Annual Report

Inclusion Provocateur: Bridging the Human Divides

In 2018, as we began the 20th Anniversary Year of the NW Diversity Learning Series, we faced a challenging question: How do those who promote diversity and inclusion respond to those who hold polar opposite views, who do not value what diversity and inclusion has to offer? 

Each topic for the 2018 Series focused on a particular Human Divide, and emphasized the following Bridging techniques:


  • Practice mapping Polarities: analysis of the “up side” and the “down side” of opposing views to better understand one’s own and others’ perspectives  (“When you work toward the upsides of both values in a polarity, you create a virtuous cycle leading to a higher purpose.”)

  • Increasing trust and confidence building in seeking out those with differing perspectives than one’s own—in ideas, worldviews, ideologies, backgrounds, ways of thinking, experience, beliefs and values

  • Learning to engage others authentically with empathy, curiosity, and openness—seeking understanding and mutually beneficial outcomes

  • Developing strategic approaches with sustainable tactics for building inclusive cultures, such as aligning D&I with corporate or organizational codes of conduct and values

As a result, we became Inclusion Provocateurs, catalysts for initiating courageous dialogue, discussions, conversations, relationships, and curiosity.

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