The Center for Global Inclusion Distinguished Vanguard Recognition Award

September 27, 2017

Barbara Deane received the Distinguished Vanguard Recognition Award at the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmark launch event in Seattle on September 27. The award was presented by Julie O’Mara, from The Center for Global Inclusion, who had this to say in recognition of Barbara:

"Barbara Deane truly embodies the essence of a Vanguard in being in the forefront of developing ideas, inspiring others and having an innate ability to drive and make things happen.   Her work as a Diversity & Inclusion professional over several decades reflects her internal commitment to making the world a better place through education, information, bringing people together and action for positive change.


She is co-founder and vice-president of The GilDeane Group, a Hispanic and woman-owned firm in Seattle, Washington.  It provides consulting, training and publishing services on diversity, inclusion and intercultural effectiveness.  She co-founded DiversityCentral which is an on-line resource.  She is co-founder of the Northwest Diversity Learning Series, a collaborative venture on the part of progressive companies and organizations to build a high-quality diversity education resource in the Greater Seattle Area. Barbara has made her mark globally as a thought leader.

In addition to her already full-time workload, Barbara is a member of the board and coordinator of The Diversity Collegium, a think tank of internal and external diversity professionals.  She is an active Expert Panelist for the GDIB.  She is engaged as a board member of a Mexican folkloric dance group in the Seattle area. And she is always there to support many in the field.

Her energy--a bit like the infamous "energizer bunny" -- seems boundless.  It is because she knows what is important and what needs to be done to build a better today and tomorrow.  It is with great pleasure that we present Barbara with The Centre for Global Inclusion's Vanguard Award. Barbara, thank you for all you do--know that you and your work are valued and respected by those around you."

Society For Diversity - 2017 Innovation & Inclusion Leadership Award

June 28, 2017

The Society for Diversity (SFD), the #1 global professional association for diversity and inclusion, acknowledges that the quality of equity work has evolved and improved over the years. Therefore, in 2017, SFD added "innovation" to the award to signify how collaboration, new strategies, and technology have changed equity, diversity and inclusion work. ISDI was honored to receive an award in the non-profit category. 


Angela Winfield, Director of the Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity at Cornell University and Nikki McGruder, Regional Manager at Diversity Awareness Partnership, served as the Awards Committee co-chairs. The committee evaluated the following criterion in making their decision:


- Use of innovative or advanced equity, diversity and inclusion technology

- Next generation strategies for inclusion or culture change

- Enterprise-wide or management learning/collaboration

- Revenue generation or cost savings from equity, diversity and inclusion efforts


Winfield said, "The award recipients demonstrated clear, measurable and significant impact. In the diversity and inclusion space, it is easy to be lulled into thinking it is all about increasing awareness and how employees feel, which certainly is important, but it is at least equally important to get tangible results. By designing innovative approaches and programs aimed at making a measurable difference, we advance not only diversity and inclusion, but also our organizations. Each of the award recipients has done just this and moved into a brave new space where diversity and inclusion is bringing benefit to everyone involved."

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