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Diversity as an Asset and a Challenge

90 minute Class

Facilitator: George Monagan

Why this workshop?  

The process of providing services either internally or externally requires staff who understand the diversity dynamics that exist between themselves and those they serve. These dynamics include:


  1. Organizational role differences

  2. Organizational level differences

  3. Cultural differences

  4. Socio-economic differences

  5. Service provider – client relationship


These dynamics create specific realities in which staff must consistently interact relying on a shared collection of knowledge, skills and attitudes.


The objective of this class is to provide an opportunity for participants to increase their capacity for creating an inclusive atmosphere by using tools like Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and the Tolerance Scale. These tools will enable the participants to choose the most inclusive behaviors to improve overall performance within the organizations and with their client groups.


The design of the session is both informational and experiential. Participants will first learn about helpful tools and then work with these tools to see how they can promote higher levels of understanding of themselves and a higher understanding of their co-workers and clients.  This higher level of understanding encompasses values, lived experiences, priority needs, and expectations of levels of support and service. Through this process the participants will leave the session with a strategy for approaching future interactions with a thoughtful and effective strategy for success.

Who should attend:

People/staff who are service providers, either within their organizations (e.g. Human Resources, IT and Finance) or serving people external to the organization (e.g. clients and customers).


What participants learn:

By the end of the session each participant will have an increased ability to create an inclusive atmosphere within their own organization and to provide the highest quality of service to clients and customers.

Class size:

Minimum: 10 people

Maximum: 50 people

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To discuss purchasing this off-the-shelf class for your organization, please contact us here on our website. 

Vertical Colored Pencils

About the facilitator:

George Monagan is a Diversity and Inclusion, and Cross-cultural training professional. He worked as a Diversity Programs Manager at the Boeing Company for seven years and was one of the original team members that created the Northwest Diversity Learning Series with Barbara Deane in 1998.


He is currently a member of the D&I and HR Leaders Group who work with the Institute for Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion (ISDI) to produce the NW Diversity Learning Series.


In addition to his Diversity and Inclusion work, George has designed and run training programs for Peace Corps Volunteers and staff in eight countries, including Kenya, Nepal, Belize, Ethiopia, Benin and Togo. He is a graduate of St. Bonaventure and the School for International Training.

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