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Diversity & Inclusion Disruptions: Are You Prepared?

3-Hour Class

Facilitator: George Monagan

Why this workshop?  

Diversity and Inclusion disruptions WILL HAPPEN! It’s part of the landscape of differences. You won’t know when. Being prepared is critical.


The eruption of controversies inside an organization on topics such as race, gender, ethnicity and disability can happen anytime and may quickly go viral leaving the organization and leaders scrambling to respond effectively and rapidly.


Consider the following “disruptions” that have occurred:  Google's Ideological Echo Chamber memo, Starbucks’ Race Together Campaign, charges of sexual harassment and gender discrimination at Microsoft, and most recently, the firing of a researcher at Google involving a paper she wrote calling out bias in the company’s Artificial Intelligence products.


Employees, with an increased awareness of their collective power, are leveraging social media to hold organizations accountable for their DEI commitments. One of these commitments is to ensure the culture of an organization is equitable and works for all (we can expect more of this activity, not less). 


It’s imperative for organizational leaders to anticipate, respond and mitigate these conflicts quickly before they become legal and PR nightmares. This class presents an effective model for responding to disruptions that should be a part of every organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategy.  


Who should attend:

Organizational executives, DEI and HR Leaders, communication and PR leaders and general managers.


What participants learn:

The workshop draws on the Google Ideological Echo Chamber memo as a case study for responding effectively to internal diversity and inclusion conflicts.  Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Practice using a critical analysis model for any internal DEI challenge or conflict

  • Learn a four step process for insuring a complete, effective response to any internal DEI disruption that occurs

Class size:

Minimum: 10-12 people

Maximum: 25-30 people

Learn more and sign up!

We would be happy to discuss this class with you in more detail, explain pricing and answer any questions. Contact us today!

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About the facilitator:

George Monagan  is a Diversity and Inclusion, and Cross-cultural training professional. He worked as a Diversity Programs Manager at the Boeing Company for seven years and was one of the original team members that created the Northwest Diversity Learning Series with Barbara Deane in 1998.

He is currently a member of the D&I and HR Leaders Group who work with the Institute for Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion (ISDI) to produce the NW Diversity Learning Series.

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