2016 NW Diversity Learning Series Session Resources

The Practice of Inclusion in Times of Disruptive Change

Continue your learning from the NW Diversity Learning Series Sessions. The resources below provide valuable tools, worksheets, articles, and a variety of resources for you to sustain your learning.


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The first session of the 2016 series provided participants several opportunities to share their experiences of inclusion and success.  Participants explored and reflected on what it was that helped them feel included and offered insights into new ways of practicing inclusive behaviors.


Learn more about the practice of inclusion with the resources Bernardo and Barbara shared to extend participants’ learning.


How do people learn to categorize and form bias?  In this thought provoking session, Michael, creator of the “Don’t Guess My Race” interactive tool, provided a thought provoking session on his research and its application to the practice of inclusion.


Participants engaged in a variety of exercises that raised awareness and built skills relating to others across difference.  Michael provided the following information to extend participants’ learning:


This session helped participants learn how to become more effective in resolving issues across conflict styles and explored several tools for minimizing conflicts and/or resolving them when they do occur.


How can you be more effective in reducing, managing and resolving cross cultural conflict?  Donna and Cindy provided the following resources to extend participants’ learning:


Why is it so hard to talk about race and racism?  Why don’t diversity efforts assure equity in upward mobility?


This session provided participants a deeper understanding of prejudice, discrimination, institutional oppression and racism through introspective, reflective questions and dialogue from the perspectives of a White woman and a woman of Color.


Robin and Darlene provided the following resources to extend participants’ learning:


Dramatic disruptions continue to share the future for workers, the workplace and the work.  This session included engaging and provocative group discussions and skill-building activities such as the Demographic Explosion quiz, helping participants understand some of the specific demographic changes.


What steps will you take to minimize the impact of power, preferences, and privilege in the workplace?


Check out the following resources that Shirley provided to extend participants’ learning:


The session gave participants the opportunity to learn strategies for effective networking by mapping out their personal networks using Brian’s “6 degrees of separation” diagnostic worksheet, learning how to locate their brokers, and building their contacts based on shared activities that forge ties between diverse individuals.


“To build a network rich in social capital, cultivate powerful brokers who aren’t in positions of formal authority—the places where everyone else looks.”  -Dr. Brian Uzzi


Check out the following resources Brian provided to extend participants’ learning: