Last Session of the 2017

NW Diversity Learning Series!

October 30

Seizing the Courage to Have Disruptive Conversations — Imperative to Inclusion

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Session Six:
October 30, 2017

What keeps you from having productive conversations about race?

Do you understand the history and context of race and racial inequity in America?

Seize the Courage to Talk About Race

 Gain understanding of the social and economic structures with the opportunity to learn about and practice skills for having bold, inclusive conversations about race.  Learn what steps you can take to counter racial inequities, especially as they manifest in the workplace. 

JOIN US for Courageous Conversations about Race!


Quote for Thought

"Our spirits are inextricably entwined. No matter where we have been on our individual journeys on this earth or where we are going, we are One."

- Mary-Frances Winters

2016 Year in Review

We are proud to present our first Annual Report. This report represents an important milestone in the evolution and accomplishments of ISDI and the Northwest Diversity Learning Series. It documents our progress and our commitment to strengthening connections with the stakeholders we serve.

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