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Sharpen your DEI emotional intelligence
Thursday, March 23, 2023 - 9:00am to 11:30am (PST)
Helen Abdali Soosan Fagan, Ph.D.

How do we ensure that our emotions do not sabotage our relationships with people different from ourselves?


Emotions have always been part of DEI work, but perhaps not always acknowledged or dealt with effectively. Emotions arise because DEI addresses who we are—how we identify ourselves, our backgrounds and what we believe is important.


Learn how to leverage your EQ competency when interacting and working with others.


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Helen Abdali Soosan Fagan, Ph.D., is founder of the Global Leadership Group, which provides consulting and leadership coaching to organizations, communities and executives in the fields of diversity, cultural competence and becoming an inclusive leader.

Her expertise has enabled her to speak to thousands of leaders in multiple nations and, at last count, four continents.

She is a faculty member and program lead for the Inclusive Community Leadership Fellows program at the University of Nebraska.

In addition to a Ph.D. in human sciences with specialization in leadership from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dr. Fagan holds multiple certifications in diversity and emotional intelligence, and is a trained executive coach.

Before her academic career, Dr. Fagan created and led the Diversity and Cultural Competence Initiatives at Bryan Health in Lincoln, Nebraska. This program garnered national recognition for innovation and effectiveness.

Dr. Fagan integrates her experience as an immigrant from Iran to the United States as she coaches, writes, trains and inspires global leaders who will create better tomorrows.

Her book, Becoming Inclusive: A Worthy Pursuit in Leadership, released in 2021 via Information Age Publishing, has provided a road map for leaders endeavoring to become inclusive.

Meet the presenter 

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