Accountability is more than a Hashtag: What Have You Actually Done?
March 24, 2022 - 9:00am to 11:30am (PDT)
Presenter: TBD

#Blacklivesmatter, #MeToo, #Missing women, #AAPIHate. We all know the hashtags! We know that many companies and organizations have made or reaffirmed their commitments to fairness and equity, and stated their intentions publicly. For example:

  • removing bias to achieve racial equity in hiring, evaluation, and promotion processes;

  • providing anti-bias training and racial equity education for employees;

  • supporting a community of Black professionals; and

  • amplifying the voices and experiences of Black employees and customers.

What is the nature of these commitments and intentions? Are they lip service or hard-core commitments that actually bring about systemic change?


In this session, we will go beyond the hashtags and dig into the data and the results—to see whether progress has been made. In the process, we will discover if we have BS or whether some actions are substantively changing lives.