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Engage people in ways that open their minds to change
Wednesday, May 17, 2023 - 9:00am to 11:30am (PST)
Presenter: David McRaney

How do you converse with people who disagree that DEI is important in the workplace?

Learn how minds change, and how to be more effective in influencing individuals (about DEI or anything else).

Learn the psychology of how people modify and change their beliefs, attitudes and values—and how to apply that knowledge to whatever needs changing.


A two-time winner of the William Randolph Hearst Award, science journalist and lecturer David McRaney is author of the international bestseller How Minds Change, ranked best self-help book in 2022 by the Washington Post.


He’s also author of You Are Not So Smart (2009) and You Are Now Less Dumb (2013).


A self-described psychology nerd, David is fascinated with brains, minds and culture. Through podcasts and blogs, he spent the early part of his career interviewing scientists who study the psychology of reasoning, decision-making and judgment “to get a better understanding of self delusion and motivated reasoning.”

He has also been a newspaper reporter, editor, photographer, voiceover artist, television host, journalism teacher, lecturer and tornado survivor. He worked for several years as the head of digital media for WDAM-TV, where he produced The Green Couch Sessions, a TV show about the music of the Deep South.

After finishing How Minds Change, he wrote, produced and recorded a six-hour audio documentary exploring the history of the idea and the word “genius.”


He lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and can be found at and

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