Untold Stories: Surmounting the Disinformation of Native American Legacies
November 10, 2022 - 9:00am to 11:30am (PDT)
Presenter: TBD

Where are Native Americans in DEI change frameworks? Indigenous people, Native Americans, American Indians, have not had the same presence in organizational DEI efforts as other groups. Many reasons may account for this omission, such as:

  • Wide-ranging disinformation taught to white people about the history of how this land, now known as the United States of America, came to be considered “ours”, the white people’s.

  • Destruction of in-tact tribal communities by the U.S. Government (and other entities)

  • Failure of history to tell the true story of Native Americans response to the colonization of their land, from cooperation to indignation to revolt.

This session is designed to counter the BS associated with indigenous people of this land, and instead, to instill an understanding and appreciation of its original occupants, and their contributions to the country. We will seek out current practices where companies and organizations are making progress in recognizing and including Native Americans in their DEI efforts.

Image NWDLS Session 6 - Untold Stories Native Americans.jpeg