Session 6: How Algorithms ARE Affecting You: Decoding the Bias Within
December 2, 2020

Four forces are intersecting to shape 21st century business and society—speed, complexity, volatility and competition—requiring us to rely more and more on computers. “Our technology, our machines, is part of our humanity. We created them to extend ourselves, and that is what is unique about human beings,” Ray Kurzweil.

The reliance on computers creates a degree of separation between what we want to accomplish and “how we do it.” Algorithms enter here—into “how we do it.”

It is important that we all learn how Algorithms fundamentally operate, because they ARE already affecting us—at work, at home, in society. If we understand Algorithms, then we will not be surprised by unexpected results, especially when these automated processes operate in the ambiguous areas of ethics and fairness.

There are already workplace and HR issues that have arisen from current practices, such as hiring and performance review decisions, and more are emerging as digital transformation and automation enter into virtually all business processes. For all the examples we know about, there are countless others that we haven’t discovered yet. 


In this session, we will briefly review how Artificial Intelligence (AI) operates so that we can better understand when AI leads us astray. For example, how does bias creep into Algorithms?  One of the most important things missing in AI right now is a quality control and management process; for example, how would you test for bias? You will learn key questions to ask that will help provide insight to establishing these kinds of important quality controls.   


Learning Outcomes: By the end of this session, Participants will:

  • Build awareness of how algorithms are created and how AI shapes the decision-making process.

  • Understand how bias enters into algorithms and possible ways to mitigate it.

  • Discover how to recognize key effects on individuals and society-at-large, based on the ethical processes adopted in the definition of the algorithms.

  • Learn how to develop exploratory questions that probe bias in algorithmic outcomes.

  • Identify planning strategies that you can use to impact new AI-based initiatives in your organization.


Lorelei Carobolante is a global human capital management consultant-practitioner. As a recognized thought leader in ISO HR management standards, her research and practice interests include global workforce mobility, organizational subsidiary expansion and upstream/downstream vendor management, ethical and socially responsible AI, diversity and inclusion, workplace communication, HR certification, organizational performance metrics, and leadership development. By serving on multiple non-profit board of directors and governance, in ISO Technical Committee 260 HR Management leadership roles, and as an ISO Registered Expert, Lorelei leverages her experience and expertise as a strategic resource to strengthen global organizational effectiveness and sustainability. She leads G2nd Systems, a global HR consultancy with innovative models and proprietary technology that enhance HR management, mobile workforce effectiveness and business communication across multi-lingual and multi-cultural workplaces.

Carobolante has helped global organizations achieve their goals in various sectors, including biotech, energy (global O&G), semiconductor, healthcare, pharmaceutical, transportation, online retail, manufacturing, and major not-for-profit associations. A professional speaker and internationally published writer (articles, textbooks and learning systems, such as Workplace English - Managing Across Multiple Cultures Simultaneously, a Module in the Global HR Practitioner Handbook published by Global Immersion Press, past SHRM Learning Systems Lead SME, and others), she created workforce mobility systems for project management, the GSL® 6-Step Model™ for collaboration, and the Global Second Language® and Your Perspective Matters® Models, which ameliorate workplace interaction gaps across multiple cultures simultaneously (including language performance and speech clarity).

Carobolante is the Chair for ISO TC/260 HR Management United States Technical Advisory Committee, Project Leader of Diversity & Inclusion (ISO/TS30415) and Impact of Hire Metrics ISO/TS30410:2018 (published); she is ISO Registered Expert for: ISO 30400:2016 - Vocabulary; ISO:30405:2016 Guidelines on Human Governance; ISO:30409:2016 Workforce Planning; and ISO/TS30410:2018 Impact of Hire. Expert Panelist 2016 Global Diversity & Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World.


Educational achievements: Global MBA, St. Mary’s College (AACSB accredited); B.A. Management, St. Mary’s College; MDE diploma, UCLA Anderson School of Management. Professional certifications: GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources); SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional), SCRP (Senior Certified Relocation Professional); and SGMS-T (Senior Global Mobility Specialist-Talent Mobility). Carobolante is fluent in English and Italian languages.

Francesco Carobolante is Principal at IoTissimo®, where he helps global organizations and young companies develop technology and business strategies to compete in today’s fast-changing high-tech world. His 10-years’ experience as Vice President Engineering at Qualcomm, combined with many years in senior leadership roles for major semiconductor firms and start-ups, enabled him to develop leading edge products for Mobile, Computing, Audio and Communication.

He established and grew multiple microelectronics design centers, assembled talented international engineering teams to develop state-of-the-art technologies and products, and contributed to foster innovation that led his teams to generate almost a thousand patents.

Creator of many industry "firsts" and recipient of Best of Innovation Award Honoree at 2015 Consumer Electronic Show, Carobolante is a renowned innovator and market development leader with extensive track record in establishing strategic technology partnerships across multiple industry sectors.

Francesco authored over 90 US patents, three of which were recognized by an independent IP firm with Worldwide Exceptional Patent awards. He is the Chair for the Compliance and Compatibility Group of the Wireless Power Consortium, Co-chair of the Energy Efficiency Workgroup for IEEE International Network Generations Roadmap, and has been invited keynote speaker and expert panelist at several premier international conferences. Carobolante is also on the Board of technology startups and volunteers his time by providing mentoring to technology incubators and universities. He received Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE) degrees from both University of Padova, Italy and UCLA, California.




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