Consulting Services & Classes

Diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism are all concepts at the forefront of organizations today. They factor into being recognized as a great place to work, competing for talent, and succeeding at competitive advantage. 


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion have become a major component of successful human capital and organization development practices. Short or long-term consulting assistance and targeted DEI classes can help leaders in HR, DEI, Diversity Councils and Employee Resource Groups be more effective in their roles as organizational change agents.


DEI Consulting Services

Consulting assistance can help organizational leaders be better prepared to fully address these emerging trends, which can have significant business implications. They will be better able to realize the benefits of increased productivity, higher levels of employee satisfaction and engagement, lower levels of employee turnover, and increased innovation. These efforts may also enhance the organization’s reputation as an inclusive employer.


ISDI Consultants bring knowledge and expertise in the specialty of diversity, equity and inclusion, building change frameworks, and executing change strategies. ISDI Consultants also have significant experience with evidence-based methodologies including the Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks (GDIB) and the proposed ISO Global Diversity and Inclusion Standards (anticipated First Quarter 2021).


ISDI’s Consulting Services include the following approaches:

  • DEI Leadership Readiness and Development Processes,

  • Inclusive Culture Assessments (e.g., Surveys, Listening Sessions, Focus Groups),

  • Organizational Commitment Statements,

  • Systemic Organizational Change Practices (such as, HR Policies, Employee Handbook, Harassment, EEO Policies, Communications, Dispute Resolution, Outreach),

  • Building inclusive cultures that includes respectful treatment of all employees and inclusive employee development practices,

  • Instructional Design for leadership, employee, or cohort training,

  • Modular Training Design (e.g., DEI 101 Training, Intercultural Communication, Implicit Bias, Intent & Impact, Courageous Conversations),

  • Employee Voice & Engagement Strategies,

  • Chartering Diversity Councils, DEI Task Forces and Employee Resource Groups and DEI Task Forces,

  • DEI Best Practices Research.


ISDI’s consultants bring experience as internal and external change agents and practitioners with deep knowledge of individual and organization development processes. Consultants are experienced in supporting DEI efforts in large, medium and small enterprises, as well as non-profits and government agencies. ISDI enjoys relationships within a global network of subject matter experts. Consultants are recognized as thought leaders in the field familiar with theory and practical applications.

Lighting Design Consultation

Off the Shelf Class Offerings

ISDI is recognized as the premier training resource in the Pacific Northwest with its NW Diversity Learning Series, a bi-monthly workshop series for managers, employees, practitioners and leaders.


In addition, ISDI is developing off-the-shelf classes on special topics that you can purchase and bring into your organization. The goal of these classes is to enhance and build greater capacity on the part of leaders, managers, Councils and Employee Resource Groups.


Please refer to the descriptions of each class for greater detail and how you can secure each class for your organization.  

Diversity & Inclusion Disruptions: Are You Prepared?

3-Hour Class

Don’t wait for a Diversity & Inclusion controversy to become a legal and PR nightmare. Plan ahead! Offer this special workshop to help your senior leaders and HR and DEI teams develop a “Disruption Strategy” so that they anticipate, respond and mitigate Diversity and Inclusion controversies effectively and swiftly.

George Monagan copy.jpg

George Monagan

Calling HR Professionals: Step Up as Strategic Partners in DEI Change Efforts

Three 1.5 Hour Classes

Human Resource leaders play an important role in promoting diversity and developing sustainable DEI change efforts. This session is designed to build HR competency in contributing to the rationale for strong business cases, using recognized tools to assess DEI practices, and collaborating with organizational leaders to build commitment for sustainable change efforts. 

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Effenus Henderson & Barbara Deane

Diversity as an Asset and a Challenge

90 minute class

When your employees interact with diverse populations of staff and clients, do they have know how to be successful? This class will provide the participants with tools they can use to address the dynamics of diversity—ones that exist within their own organization and ones that exist between the organization and their client groups or customers.

George Monagan copy.jpg

George Monagan