As concerns about the spread of the virus, COVID-19 continue to grow in the Greater Seattle Area, the Institute for Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion has made the decision to reschedule the Innovation Lab to a later date.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the rescheduled date.

Design the Future with Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

April 1-2, 2020


Are you ready to overcome your stickiest DEI problems?

Get unstuck! Get ready to innovate!


Join our Innovation Lab to solve your intractable Diversity, Inclusion & Equity problems!


Many organizations face wicked DEI problems that interfere with bringing organizational values to life and achieving mission critical objectives.

ISDI's ground-breaking lab opens space for you to experience the potency of diversity in an inclusive, equitable, collaborative atmosphere that sets the stage for new ways of thinking and working. Gain new competencies, connections, creativity, and courage to take innovation back to your day to day work.


Led by Rebekah Steele, international DEI expert, with distinctive expertise linking DEI and human centered design.

Turn common DEI wicked problems into extraordinary DEI opportunities!

In this lab you will work other to build solutions to overcome these wicked DEI problems, including exploring:

  • Talent: How might we attract and keep a diverse mix of high performing talent, utterly engaged with energizing, fulfilling careers to achieve your organization’s mission?

  • People processes: How might we ensure HR principles, policies, and practices work for everyone, providing full opportunities for a diverse mix of people to join, thrive and contribute to your organization’s mission?

  • Leadership: How might we cultivate remarkably inclusive senior leaders who are both convinced and convincing that the DEI imperative is indivisible from your organization’s strategy to fulfill its mission?

  • Culture: How might we cultivate holistic inclusion to replace everyday bias, harassment, disrespect, focus on cultural fit, and pushback or attacks to DEI efforts.

  • And more

Become a Continuous Innovator! 

As this lab guides you to start thinking and working differently, you’ll have the opportunity to leave with:

  • New ideas for addressing some of your most wicked DEI problems

  • New connections with others who share your drive and complement your strengths

  • New tools and competencies for bringing diversity, equity, inclusion and human centered design in your daily work

We invite you to join this extraordinary opportunity to innovate. Led by Rebekah Steele, a leading consultant on breakthrough innovation with diversity, equity, inclusion, and human centered design, you will gain access to the latest thinking, methods and ideas. Over the course of one and half days, Rebekah will lead a compelling, creative, inclusive, and highly interactive process, blending experiential learning with hands-on innovation for participants to generate promising new solutions for challenging DEI problems in their organizations. As you join with a community of minds eager to overcome our toughest DEI challenges, this distinctive ISDI Innovation Lab you will gain access to tools and processes to help you drive novel ways of thinking and working in DEI.

DSC_0530 Head shot of Rebekah.JPG

"Breakthrough to results that matter."

- Rebekah Steele


April 1, 2020: Starting at 2:00 pm, participants open up their learning experience with a creative outdoor exercise. We will explore the diversity of nature at a local park utilizing photography as a springboard into the innovation lab.  The group will spend 2 hours at a park and then regroup over dinner to debrief and share our learnings.  Attending this activity is optional but highly encouraged as part of the full experience.


April 2, 2020: Innovation Lab will begin at 9:00 am and end at 4:00pm. Engaging the collective wisdom of a broad mix of participants, this lab will be energizing, interactive, and a creative experience that thoughtfully blends learning with hands-on design of promising DEI breakthroughs.


WHO:  This Innovation Lab is for individuals and teams including DEI practitioners, organizational leaders, HR and line leaders, not-for-profit board leaders, change agents, and diversity champions.


Registration limited to: 70 attendees

WHERE:  The workshop will be held at 5601 Ave., S., Seattle, WA 98108. We are in the process of gathering details regarding parking,  nearby lodging and restaurant options to share with anyone attending from outside the Seattle area.


COST:  Each registration includes continental breakfast and lunch on April 2nd.


Individual ticket prices are:

Corporate rate: $495

Non-Profit rate: $195


Host Sponsor:


For more information about this event contact:

Nicolette Graham, Strategic Project Manager, ISDI