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Join the ISDI Team!

ISDI is looking for a new person to fill its Project Manager position! 

Project Manager Position Available

Institute for Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion (ISDI)

NW Diversity Learning Series (NWDLS)

Closing Date: May 16, 2022


About Us

The Institute for Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion (ISDI), inspires individuals and organizations to seek out diversity and transform their work spaces so that everyone feels included and treated fairly. We focus on helping people and their organizations transform cultures, behavior, systems, and practices so that they sustain anti-racist environments, inclusive experiences and equitable results for all. We are a not-for-profit organization based in Seattle, Washington, USA.


About the Role

ISDI is looking for a person with great project management competencies and a strong passion for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion to join our team. In this role, you will work closely with the two co-directors in delivering high quality DEI educational learning and development experiences. You will be responsible for planning, scheduling, executing and keeping all our projects associated with the NW Diversity Learning Series (NWDLS) on track. 

The ideal candidate is keen on processes, draws on exceptional organizational skills, likes building strong relationships with stakeholders, is tech savvy, enjoys writing promotional communications, likes thinking critically and solving problems, and appreciates working in a non-profit organization. 


What You’ll Do

1. Project Management: Lead the ISDI’s project management functions and of its programs


2. Customer Success/Relationship Management: Serve as primary liaison with NW Diversity Learning Series stakeholders for outreach & day-to-day relationship management.


3. Event Management (practice technical sessions and day of): For the NW Diversity Learning Series (Morning Sessions), Afternoon Sessions for the D&I and HR Leaders Group, Strategic Thinking Meetings, Strategic Planning Meetings, and Special Events


4.  Communications, Marketing & Branding: Develop and manage communications for the NWDLS sessions and related meetings (Constant Contact  bulk email); develop and manage content and branding for the website and ISDI social media accounts.


5. Technology Platforms & Registration Management: Prepare virtual platforms for all ISDI/NWDLS sessions and meetings, and troubleshoot presenter/participant problems; oversee and manage registration (through various platforms) for all NWDLS session attendees (both morning and afternoon sessions), and other meetings and special events.


6. Data Gathering & Analysis: Compile, tabulate and analyze data from NWDLS sessions and other events.


7. Scheduling: Schedule all internal staff meetings and external meetings with current and potential customers.

What We Are Looking For 

  • Project Management Experience (we use Asana)

  • Event Management Experience/Familiarity

  • Tech Savvy and Design Orientation

    • Capability using meeting technology platforms, such as GoToWebinar, GoToMeeting, Google

    • Hangout, Zoom, Microsoft Teams)

    • Experience using design tools: Canva, Adobe Images, Adobe InDesign

    • Familiarity with WIX web design or similar software

    • Capability using daily working and project management software:  Microsoft Office Suite, Gmail, Google Calendar & Asana

    • Familiarity with cloud services (i.e., Dropbox)

    • Capability using communications technology: Constant Contact bulk email

  • Marketing, Branding and Social Media Capability

    • Content creation: collaboration on graphics & copy

    • Content execution: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

  • Qualities that Help People Prosper In our Work Environment

    • Being Flexible and agile

    • Being a self-starter, able to work independently and manage workflow

    • Being a good writer     

    • Having good interpersonal skills

    • Living in the Puget Sound Region

    • Having a passion for diversity, equity and inclusion, and having any knowledge or experience in this area would be great!

Who We Are

  • We believe that all people deserve a fair shot at realizing their potential in whatever work they choose to do. To that end, ISDI examines and proposes solutions to the biases and barriers inherent in organizational cultures, behaviors, systems, and practices.

  • We believe collaboration is key to sustainable DEI solutions and that’s how we engage with our stakeholders.

  • We work together in a way that values everyone’s contributions (Teamwork).

  • We treat each other with dignity, fairness, and respect (Equity).

  • We value flexibility and explore options in all we do (Agility).

  • We ask questions and dig into the details (Curiosity).

  • We affirm each other’s fundamental importance with compassion, empathy and a generous spirit (Humanity).

How to apply

  • This is about a three-quarter time position, 30-35 hours per week, primarily, virtual work space, pay range, $28 - $32 per hour depending on experience and familiarity with the software and tools we use.  A benefits stipend will also be included.

  • If you are interested in the position, we would very much appreciate talking with you. Please send a Cover Letter highlighting your qualifications and interest in the position, along with your Resume, to Barbara Deane, Co-Director, Email: Closing date, May 16, 2022.

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